Monday, August 14, 2017

CherryGun, Sioux Falls, SD

Minneapolis-based CherryGun played Hot Summer Nites in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on July 12, 2017 with hundreds of Corvettes on display just down the street. The stage was set up outside the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Sciences and a great crowd enjoyed the tunes.

My son Cody spent three years as the drummer for CherryGun, but this was the last show I was able to photograph him at. It was a fun stretch with Amy and Dan Monaghan and Cory Carlson. Thanks for the memories and great photos guys!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Sidehackers, Fort Pierre, SD

Pierre area music fans are very familiar with the Sidehackers, even if they haven't seen this group. Randy Hilding, Lonnie Schumacher, Ryan Beck, Brian Rounds and Chris Hull are veterans of the Pierre/Fort Pierre music scene.

On July 1, 2017 they opened the show for the Ron Keel Band at the Silver Spur bar/restaurant in Fort Pierre.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Ron Keel Band, Fort Pierre, SD

On a beautiful Saturday night, July 1, 2017, the Ron Keel Band hit the stage outside the Silver Spur bar and restaurant in downtown historic Fort Pierre, South Dakota.

Lead by "Metal Cowboy" Ron Keel, the band's mix of exactly that - Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson tunes to AC/DC and Lynyrd Skynyrd is a perfect fit for the cowboy town. Unfortunately the crowd was fairly small and those who missed the show should be disappointed. Hopefully the next time the Ron Keel Band appears in central South Dakota the word will have reached the masses and the audience this band deserves will show up.

More information available at

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ron Keel Band, the American Wastelands

In my high school and college days I dreamed of some day being a big-time rock and roll photographer. Neil Zlozower was my hero who shot all the big-name bands in Los Angeles. I followed his work in many rock magazines and shot whatever concerts I could here in South Dakota.

As a lifelong KISS fan, I paid attention when demon/bassist Gene Simmons began producing records for bands he felt had the potential to hit it big. One of those was KEEL, fronted by lead singer Ron Keel who I'd never heard of. I listened to their first Simmons-produced album, but KEEL never seemed to hit it the Motley Crue level and I lost touch with their history.

So I was surprised a couple years ago when Ron Keel showed up in Sioux Falls, fronting the Badlands House Band and DJing on KBAD Radio. I looked up a little about his history since KEEL, but didn't dig very deep.

Earlier this year I got a message that I would have never imagined in my high school days. Ron Keel wanted me to shoot some promo pictures of the new version of the Badlands House Band, now known as the Ron Keel Band. Wow, a real rock star with connections to KISS, was calling and asking for my services!

Since then I've talked with Ron about his brief tenure in Black Sabbath, some about his KEEL days and even had some great photography discussions with his wife Renee via Facebook. I read his autobiography "Even KEEL" and learned that this guy's heart is really in the music, no matter what kind of crazy life he's lived. I also learned that when he really wanted to show off KEEL at its best, he hired my old hero Neil Zlozower.

So things came full circle for me when I realized when he wanted the Ron Keel Band to look its best he called me. Here's what we came up with when Ron asked for a cowboy-biker-ruined-apocalyptic-industrial look for the photo shoot.

You can catch the Ron Keel Band in Fort Pierre this Saturday night at the Silver Spur and throughout the region this summer. Check them out at

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cole Allen, Fort Pierre, SD

Cole Allen made the trip from Minneapolis to Fort Pierre, South Dakota to open the show for Hairball at the Silver Spur saloon on June 10, 2017.

A great guitar player and very friendly soft-spoken guy, Allen and band churned out some great blues tunes, some classic Hendrix and the early-evening audience loved it.

For more on the Cole Allen Band, check out and/or

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hairball, Mitchell, South Dakota

Here are more shots of Hairball's annual Corn Palace show in Mitchell, South Dakota on April 7, 2017. You can't tell these guys enjoy what they do, can you?