Saturday, August 30, 2008

Williams and Ree, Huron, SD

Williams and Ree, "The Indian and the White Guy," did two shows at the South Dakota State Fair on August 29, 2008. Mixing music with their familiar humor poking fun at people of various ethnic backgrounds, they always make the point that "we are all the same."

Check them out at


Diane said...

You're going to be seeing them again on Saturday at BHSU, along with Kory and the Fireflies! You have quite the cool job - getting to see bands and taking pictures. It must also be a lot of travel at times, too.
Make sure you take some really cool pics of Kory and the Fireflies! Those guys are the BEST! (:

Chad Coppess said...

Actually, no I'm not going to make it to BH on Saturday. Would be fun, but I'm working and it just won't fit into my schedule.

Thanks for the comments, though. I do have a cool job most days.