Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler hurt in fall from stage

I've seen some strange rock concert events over the years, but last night is right near the top. Aerosmith was rocking the Buffalo Chip Campground during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally when lead singer Steven Tyler took a misstep and fell off the stage.

From where I watched he was dancing around one second and the next he just disappeared. I would guess the stage was approximately five feet high and according to reports he fell onto a couple people in the audience.

The Buffalo Chip is saying that Tyler had slight head and neck injuries and also a shoulder injury. He was airlifted to Rapid City Regional Hospital.

Tyler's fall came just a few minutes after the main PA system failed. The band was continuing to play with just their smaller amplifiers on the stage, but we could barely hear them. Tyler moved out onto a small "catwalk" portion of the stage projecting out into the middle of the audience and began dancing around when he slipped.

Some crazy comments are appearing on the web already that it was all planned and that Aerosmith was ripping off fans who paid up to $120 a ticket. Trust me, that was not planned and his injuries are real. He looked in serious pain when they lifted him back onto the stage and he headed backstage. My perspective is that the band was doing their very best to put on a show for the fans when Tyler lost his footing and it all ended too soon.

Don't forget also that it had rained for over an hour just before Aerosmith took the stage. I watched the stage crew do their best to dry everything, but I'm sure there were still damp spots.

More info and pictures of the beginning of the show will be coming later today.

For some entertaining reading, check out the comments on the stories about Tyler's fall at the Rapid City Journal. People are having a great time applying Aerosmith lyrics to the unfortunate incident - the band was playing "Love in An Elevator" when it happened, which includes the the line "Livin' it up when I'm going down." How about the song "Livin' On the Edge" and the line "You can't stop yourself from fallin'?" You get the idea, I'll let you go there and read more if you want.

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