Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ratt, Rapid City, SD

More 80s hair metal - Ratt, September 10, 1985, Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

Pretty bad scans of what were pretty bad prints, but you get the idea.

The late Robbin Crosby on guitar.

Funny thing about this picture of Robbin - That became a poster for the South Dakota Department of Tourism in one of the stranger promotional pieces to ever come out of that office. There were several hundred of the posters left over in 2002. I heard that Ratt would be playing in Brandon, SD and suggested we give the posters away at the concert. I checked the 'net to see if Robbin was still in the band and found that he had died of aids a week earlier. We decided distributing the posters wasn't in our best interest.

Bon Jovi opened this show. There's another interesting story that goes with them, but I'll leave it for when I find the pictures.

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