Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Styx, Mitchell, SD

I've already posted about this Styx concert at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota in August 2005, but just found some more pictures.

If you aren't familiar with the World's Only Corn Palace, it is basically a basketball gymnasium/concert arena with murals made of corn-on-the-cob covering the exterior and interior walls. Here's a shot of the main stage.

And here's the Styx stage setup before the show. That is Lawrence Gowan's keyboard platform at left. He can spin it around as he's playing and singing, which looks really cool.

The first time I saw this at a concert I laughed. But then I realized these people travel so much and play so many dates that I'm sure it's incredibly hard to remember exactly where you are on any given day. So, the road crew helps out by taping a reminder of what town and what building they are in at the microphone stands so the artists don't embarrass themselves.

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