Monday, March 24, 2008

The Tracterz, Vermillion, SD

When the punk/new wave movement hit Vermillion, South Dakota, The Tracterz were at the forefront. For a University of South Dakota freshman who hadn't figured out many musical styles, this was cool stuff!

The Tracterz were a local band that played covers of Joan Jett, the Clash, the Police, and Siouxsie and the Banshees. I loved the fact that they dressed up for their shows and had a girl singer.

I coerced some of my friends from the dorm to go see the band and the next thing you know, we were all wearing black-and-white checked sport coats, skinny ties and more buttons and pins from punk bands than any one outfit should hold.

Here is the infamous basement of the Old Style on Vermillion's Main Street, January 29, 1982. My "notes" say that's Steve McFarland and Dalyce Dykehouse. I didn't have any idea what the drummer's name was until he commented on this post - see below.

And here Lynn Pralle and Rich later in the school year playing in the Dakota Dome for an all-night danceathon.

I transferred to Black Hills State after that first year of college, and never heard of the Tracterz again.

EDIT 4/18/08 - I've heard of the Tracterz again! Check out the comments below for more info straight from the drummer above who's name I couldn't remember - Brad Roberson! I filled in the names above with Brad's help. Thanks for checking out the blog, Brad!
Also, see Who knew that a band that's been gone for around 20 years would have a blog just about them?


brad said...

Hey Chad, Loved the Tracterz pics! This is Brad, the drummer. Steve and Dalyce are in the top pic. Lynn and Rich are in the bottom pic.

for more info on the Tracterz:

I'm now in Wash, DC in a band called Red Racer. We're releasing a new record on 5/13/08. I hope you'll check it out. Take care, brad

Chad Coppess said...

Well now, that's cool that someone who is actually in these pictures is reading this!

Thanks Brad, sorry I couldn't remember your name. I'll be checking on Red Racer.

Thanks for reading!

Jambo said...

Chad, thanks for the link to my Tracterz blog. I'm glad to know there are some other things out there on the web for people who have fond memories of the band. If you have any other pictures that you would be willing to allow me to post on my blog it would be greatly appreciated. Full photo credits of course.

If you send a mailing address to me at jambo99[that little symbol above the 2] (hey, have to avoid spam at all costs) I would happily send you a CD of their No Cover show. And btw that goes for anyone else out there who might like a copy.

Chad Coppess said...

Pictures and my address are on the way!
Thanks, Chad

ljsolarpanels said...

I was a huge Tracterz fan back in high school. Graduated from high school in '84 from Randolph. Always tried to hit them when they played in the Skylon Ballroom in Hartington, and St. Helena Ballroom and in Bow Valley. Some of my best memories from high school was watching the Tracterz! I loved their stage presence and all the energy they exuded! Kind of had a crush on Dalyce too! I still listen to the songs they covered. In fact I have a playlist in my iPod with just the songs the Tracterz covered. Thanks for the pix! Brings back some memories. Would love to see more pix! To bad they couldn't get back together every now and then and play! Would love to see them play again.

Larry Sohler