Thursday, July 31, 2008

KISS Rock and Roll Day in South Dakota

Okay, it's official! Monday, August 4, 2008 will be proclaimed "KISS Rock and Roll Day in South Dakota" by Governor Mike Rounds with a presentation to the band at the Glencoe Campground's "Rock'n The Rally" during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally!
Minor details are still being worked out, but it is going to happen, so you readers are the first to know. It's been a long road and a lot of coordinating, but we've got it done. The media has been notified and you should see some publicity about it in the next few days if you are around the Sturgis area. We've had some interest expressed in covering the presentation by MTV, Jay Leno, and it will also be anounced at in the next day or two.

In commemoration of the special night I've made the image above as computer wallpaper. Just click on the picture to enlarge it and right click and "set as desktop background." I made this when the event was titled "Nite," which has now changed to "Day."

KISS will have these Sturgis t-shirts for sale at the event.


Leah said...

I didn't realize KISS was going to be there! That's crazy. Are any of them bikers? I could totally picture that. I confess I'm pretty new to motorcycle culture; I just started working as a brand ambassador for Progressive motorcycle insurance, and since then I've become really interested in it. We're actually going to be at Sturgis, which is awesome! We'll be giving away free shirts at our booth at Thunder Road, plus having a drawing to win a custom Sucker Punch Sally's motorcycle. It's beautiful, kind of old school. The shirts are also really nice, exclusive to Sturgis and absolutely free. If you want to pick one up while you're there, you just go to ahead of time to download the coupon, then come by our booth to drop it off and say hi! Be sure to bring the coupon though; we can only give you a free shirt if you have one. We're going to have other cool giveaways too, so it should be a fun time.

I hope I haven't overstepped my bounds by leaving this comment, I'm just trying to get the word out :) If you have any questions or want more information feel free to shoot me an Email:

See you at Thunder Road, and ride safe!

Leah Druska
Brand Ambassador

weatherman90 said...
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Matt said...

Wow - Progressive Insurance is really all over your blog! Very strange...

Anyway, have a GREAT time tomorrow!

I'm sure the show will rock.

Chad Coppess said...

Thanks! Yeah, Progressive is obviously doing some blog marketing. I've seen this same thing on other Sturgis blogs.